Sunday, April 22, 2007

Very happy with an untrained 5 min half marathon Pb!
when i say untrained i mean i have run about 70km since 6ft track and only last night decided to come to smithfield and run the 10k.
Arrived early 6:30 and temptation or stupidity? got the better of me so i changed my mind to run the half instead.

Jumped on the 95min bus with Horrie Bluedog et al but quickly realised i wasn't comfortable running at 4:2x/km pace and let them go .The wheels kinda fell after that though passed 5km in 21:31 and was walking already by then!

Was being taken by older guys and was wondering why i was there?
Coming up to the hill with the traffic lights i was running with a lady named Lynn who was injured and not running her best yet keeping a nice steady pace.Ran with her for what seemed like ages before she insisted i take off and go get my Pb!
I didnt want to go....
Did the last 2.5km in 10:19 which was nice as i mentally struggled most of the run (as you do when your not prepared!) and crossed over the line at 1:40:21 a 5 minute Pb! So i have to be happy with that!

Nice to meet Plu finally, Sarge,Nando and Luis (Sailaway?)though i missed NTR and Mouse who i met last at Quarry Rd last year.

All up a good hitout and i will be looking to run more and walk less next time!

Cheers R2B


Shane said...

Turns out to be a good decision R2B. That is a great time on little training, well done on the PB.

Superflake said...

Congratulations Mate. Sensational run for the PB. Looking at 1:35 easy next time. SMH Half then?

2P said...

Nice work on the PB R2B - training is over-rated :-)

Ewen said...

Good on you R2B. A 5 minute PB is excellent. Must have been tough after that quickish first 5k.

Next time you'll be turning up at a half marathon and doing the full, or a 6 hour and doing the 24 ;)

Rachel said...

Well done, will be interesting to see what you can do with a bit of training!

Tesso said...

What, you had a little walk and still did a 5 minute PB. I'm with Flakey, sub 95 easily next time.

Well done!

robtherunner said...

Nice job! I agree with the others about the 1:35 on the next one.

Horrie said...

You would have probably done a lot better if we actually stuck to 95 minute pace. Great effort considering the little running you have done since 6 Foot.

Scott said...

Your breathing down my neck R2B. I'd not be surprised to be looking at the back of you in the not too distant future.

Well done!

Steve said...

That's a great effort, think what you could do with some focused training. Surely you should be eyeing off 90-95 mins now.

Hilda said...

If you'd train OMG!

That running walking still worked!

Report how your recovery goes.

runliarun said...

R2B, the little emoticons do a good job at expressing how pleased you must be, that's a big accomplishment. Sometimes spontaneity pays off and improvisation brings great rewards.

Becky O said...

Congratulations R2B. Well done, thats absolutely amazing !! Sounds like fresh legs works for you.

Imagine what you're going to do when you get back into the swing of things. I'm guessing that the PB will be getting another smashing at the KJ's half in June?

Luckylegs said...

That's fantastic,R2B! A 5 minute PB is really smashing the old time...maybe you should walk more not less!

Faithful Soles said...

Wow, great job and with very little training! I wish I had that sort of natural ability. I'm not sure if you felt this way the day after the race, but to put a smile on your face, go to my blog and click on the video link under my April 27 post. It is absolutely hilarious, and really makes you wonder why we do this crazy stuff!

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