Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Ran a bit of speed today....
Not too much though.
2km warmup.
1km @ 4min pace (probably quicker)
90 secs standing recovery
750m @ 4min pace (probably quicker)
few mins rest so as not to tax body let others go ahead.
800m @3:50 pace
90 secs standing recovery
1km @3:48 pace
2km cooldown
About 35mins total running.

Let the others do 5km of intervals in total and i did about 3.5km.
Wasn't really timing myself much moreover just running and chatting with another guy!
Didn't feel very taxed though i am still wary of pushing too hard.

All in all a good session and i am mildly surprised with the times achieved as i was expecting to be a lot flatter.

Having second thoughts about Hellgate Gorge as i will probably need to spend 2 full days away from the family when travel is considered.DTI may not stand up to it regardless of finessing (Or carpet shampooing 2P!)

Oh i forgot 8km club race was changed to a 3miler due to heat,i started a bit underhydrated and basically just walked a few times in the race.Didn't get overtaken by Tony Fattorini until about 600m into the race but he put about 3 1/2 mins into me by the finish!!He was down to be awarded his trophy for winning Kembla Joggers Mountain Running Series as always a great sportsman and modest guy!Not worried by race time but don't want the hands on hips or walking to return!Next race is a tough 4 miler.
Thinking a half (is 90mins on the cards???) and a 40 min 10km are top of the goals list.

Regards R2B


Spark Driver said...

Sounds like a good healthy speed session there. Well done.

Ewen said...

You could drop her off in Sydney on the way through for a couple of days' shopping :)

You can do both those R2B, although sub-90 is a bit easier than sub-40.

Scott said...

I agree with Ewen.

You should try to get the sub 90min half to start with and then go for the 10km PB.

With all that training for the 6 foot and those kind of speedwork sessions you should be able to crack 90mins in the not too distant future.

Hilda said...

I see now that you were at 6ft too, well no, I wasn't there for sure, but still feel excited to know many bloggers were there... maybe someday??

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Hamilton70554 said...

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Becky O said...

Hope the training is going well R2B.

Might see you soon as I am thinking of heading down for a KJ's run as I'm ready to start cracking some PB's!!!