Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Went out on the cycleway last night to do Ewens suggested interval session last night.I thought that i couldnt sustain the suggested 3:40 pace for all the sets so instead i would try 4:00 (wimp)or just do the best i could.Had a bit of a muck up with the last 2 sets and ran short for one and compensated by running longer for the last one.

Distance Time Pace
900m 3:29 3:54
700m 2:42 3:42
500m 1:55 3:50
300m 1:06 3:40
500m 1:52 3:44
660m 2:36 3:55 Dropped off in last 160m (average 4:15 pace)
950m 3:57 4:09 Dropped off in last 450m (average 4:19 pace)

It felt fairly hard for me at the time.
What are your thoughts on this session?


allrounder said...

ewen's session looks hard but seems like you coped? how was your recovery?

Tesso said...

Its sounds more interesting than doing straight 500m reps.

I was wondering about the recovery too. And is the aim to do them all at the same pace?

Robert Song said...

I think it is hard to comment on this session without knowing were it fits in the grand plan. What is your current goal.

Robert Song said...

Given your goal and time frame , then I would say that is a very good session to be doing.

Ewen said...

For a first attempt that was pretty good R2B. It looks like 3:45/k would be a good goal for a while. In a few weeks you'll be able to do them all at that pace then pick it up a bit.

Tesso, the idea of running the same pace for this session is to have the legs 'remember' one particular pace and to get out of the habit of 'sprinting' the short reps.