Saturday, February 18, 2006

Went down to the track with all intensions of setting a new PB in but failed miserably!
I will get my whine of my chest now and move on.

1.I ate 2 bowls of yummy pasta straight before I left to go to the track.
2.I worked nightshift then was woken at lunch time by someone from HR wanting me to test for this new job.I didn't get back to sleep for ages.
3.Deciding to lop 40 secs of my PB in one hit trying for 20:50,4:10 pace
4.Hard session on Tuesday...was this a factor?

Ultimate result an absolutely lousy 23:20

Started off well.Only hit lap a few times on watch until near the end

2.2km in 9:10 spot on 4:10 pace

Then the wheels just fell off...

600m in 2:44
200m in 1:04
1000m in 4:55 (3000m time 12:58 off a PB of 11:47 a few weeks ago)
400m in 2:04 )
300m in 1:35 | 5:24 for final km
300m in 1:45 )

Well I will have to keep on trying....

Any opinions?


Tesso said...

As a fellow shift worker I'm not sure sleep deprivation helps too much ... well, that's the excuse I use.

And had the two bowls of pasta settled by the time you lined up to race?

Going by your 3k time I thought you would have nailed it, or at least come awfully close.

Steve said...

I'm an ex-shift worker and know this plays havoc with training. I'm with Tesso, two bowls of pasta immediately before-hand might not have helped.

The thing is though, you know you'll crack it.

Ewen said...

You definitely need to be rested (esp good sleep) to race well.

I wouldn't have more than one day off before a normal race though. The track session Tuesday wouldn't have been a problem.