Sunday, February 12, 2006

Third of a marathon
Got up at 6am this morning!
The reason a long run with my six foot treking friends Marie-Claire and Tracy around the mountain.
No watch no pacing but thankfully a good run!

Total 14.X km in 90mins by the time we got back to the cars.I like running with the girls they never mind about my inability to keep a constant pace as i race ahead then have to walk as they catch up and then i run again till i fall behind and have to catch up!
They are so much fitter than i am...guess its all the long runs they do!

Edit: Thank you Ewen for your advice on pacing and running a quicker 5km i am going to try it out on Tuesdays session.


miners said...

Great to get a good long run under your belt. Will be interested to see how Ewen's pacing tips help you on Tuesday!

Ewen said...

14k is a sensible distance for a long run.

Another thing with the speedwork, you'll reap the benefit after doing it consistently for weeks and months.