Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Well today marks 6 months since i ran an awesome 50km with my running mate
what a day!
About time i emailed him to see how he is going too.

Hear is the link to the post i made about our little adventure that morning and evening!

Cheers Adrian

Update: Ran 10:44.5 for 3km tonight for a new PB!
Didn't wear a watch so i only know a few splits
1st Km in 3:30 first 400 in 80 then 86's?
2.2km in 7:48 (1.2km in 4:18 or 3:35 pace) 86's
3km in 10:44.5 (800m in 2:56.5) probably 89 and 87

interested to see what i can do with more even pacing.


Ewen said...

I remember that run, and thinking you were almost as crazy as him!

He was very impressed by your 6' shirt - you should do it again next year, but just off track training, as I will be.

trailblazer777 said...

good thing to celebrate!
well done on the 3km PB too!

Scott said...

Hey R2B

It's been a while. Thanks for dropping by my blog with your comment.

That 3k time is great. I just can't seem to break 11:00 mins but I'll keep trying.

Yes it would be great to run with you sometime in Australia I'm sure with our times being so close we would be able to push each other to faster times.

Anyway, I know it must be busy for you but try to blog when you can. I'm interested in seeing your progress.

All the best.