Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Ran the Yacht club 5km this evening.
Damn it was hot.
I went out following Chris LLewellyn and got to the 2.5km turnaround in 9:45 (scorchingly quick for me.)
The return journey was a fair bit slower in 11:55.
Total 21:40
Hugged on to Ward Hummerston with 2km to go but tried to get away from him with 800m to go and needed to stop again!
He eventually beat me by about 10 secs.Slow and steady wins the race huh?
I am going to try to do more tempo runs and hold the pace up.
But first i need to do two things
1.run 5km without stopping several times
2.get some long runs in.
3.warm up before the race
4.don't go out so damn hard!
5.realise that your going out too damn hard!
6.plan some proper training time

the upside is that when i got home i decided to do my hard circuit of Wellington drive and i ran it in 10:32 a good effort and a Pb of over 58 seconds...small concellation.
Next race 2 miles at track try for 12:04 to 12:52 a Pb either way but i think i can do it.
Anyhow i like starting and finishing at the same point on the track 8 laps later!

Cheers R2B

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