Wednesday, January 25, 2006

I had a satisfying run yesterday.I benefited from your 9 miler advice too (i walked about half of the hills).When we first started out i was in the "A" group and before 200m were up it was just a handful of us out front including the King of Hill 60...I know he is still recovering from injury but Andrew is quicker on the track so i thought i would try to hold to him on the first hill.We trundled up it and i was careful not to go lactic.When we reached the 1km mark at the top of the road Leadfoot went ahead of me and i decided to take my first walk.When we got to Trudy i let go a little and i think it was just me and Andrew from then actually young Alistair and Gokhan were still in front as we hit the beach but as we got to the turnaround point they kept going up the hill...Andrew turned and looked at me as if to say are they going the right way?I was confused until someone called out behind us that they were going the wrong way.They didn't listen and kept going on the old old course.i hung with Andrew as the gap gradually widened to about 50m.Though when we went up hill 60 for the final time i closed that to 20m.As we crested the hill Andrew took off and left me for dead as i reached round the final corner i was overtaken and a little further another 2 quicker runners from the "B" pack came up beside me and we had a bit of a sprint finish.I was buggered and got a feeling in my head like "brain freeze" after that.Is that what i feels like for the quicks all the time?
Anyhow i felt like i had a good run and was satisfied with my time of 24:4x.


Robert Song said...


You better be quick in getting some fast times to better my Over 50 PB's, because in the next five months I anticipate blowing all those away. Looking at sub 40 for 10k and sub 1:30 for the Half and will be running my first marathon in 21 years.

So you'll have to train hard and smart to keep up with me. Though if you look at my training closely you'll see I don't do much fast running though but have built a hugh aerobic base. It works for me.

All the best in your pursuit.

Anonymous said...

Really Good time adrian welldone Bet it was tiring adrian i cant remember my password so im doin it in anonymous instead of other or blog ok love georgia

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