Sunday, January 08, 2006

Well the hangover handicap was cancelled to my dissapointment.
Otherwise my running schedule has been a bit messy since with bubs and the heat.
Ran 6.25km yesterday with Jacob in the pram,Comprising of 1.5km at 5.07 pace big break then 500m @ 3.42 pace.Stopped and had another break before running 2.05km @ 4.58pace another stop and finished off with 2.5km @ 5.32 pace.
As you can see i had no idea in this session.Really it was the first time i had taken the pram out for a run and it was hard work.I was originally going to do just 8km of steady running but that all fell apart....
I have a race on Tuesday arvo 5km on a fast course i will just try to do my best.Perhaps 20.35 mins is out of reach given my traing in the last week or two but you never know unless you give it a go...true?

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