Saturday, January 21, 2006

Came home from Night Shift and decided that i may as well enter Geoff Stalkers mountain run series this morning.So after arriving home i trundled over in the car for a 8am start for this 9km race.

I reconed that with the hill 60 run on tuesday that i shouldn't over do it so this would be a training run.
I remember reading Ben Dubois talking about not going too hard in a mountain race so i just set off from scratch and took it fairly easy.I was followed by Roy Francis at the start but i shook him off without running too hard.I walked some of the uphills in order not to go lactic and i think this was a good strategy...i just wanted to stay aerobic for the full time. I was 3rd to the top and half way point and let go a little from there but the ground was a little loose in places.
Lots of Sydney Striders and Coolrunners in attendance most of which i didnt get to meet personally though i did pick out Mister G and MPHaz from their internet photos.

i ran the last 3 or 4 km without stopping which was a great contributor to my overall time of 53:36 so i just need to keep up these longer runs without stopping to improve my aerobic base as its called.

Ran 3km on the track thursday night and instead of going out for 90 sec laps till i busted i set myself the goal of consistant 96 sec/laps.
This was going well though i did set off faster.Things were going well til the second last lap which i thought was the last and i sprinted with what i thought was 100m to go....alas with 30 to the finish line i realized my mistake but it was too late i had gone lactic!
I walked about 70m from there until i got back into it.Finishing with a whimper at 12:27 my Hallicination is that without this i woulsd have went on to a new pb as the guys just in front of me went on to finish in 11:30 and my pb is 11:47.

Well in a fortnight i will get the chance to try again.


speedygeoff said...

The best way to collect comments is to put plenty of comments on other peoples' blogs...

I have passed you on the 3000 front with an 11:39 a week ago. Never mind, you just run at 93s next time. And count the laps! Then you'll get your lead back..

Robert Song said...

Thanks for your comments. It is good to be back.

Those track sessions you do seem tough. I like my easy slow runs best. But will have to start some faster work in a months time when it gets cooler.

Keep at it.

Stu said...

In response to comments you left on my blog:

R2B, I am no expert and I only did a 6 week course of pilates, but I did feel that it was starting to benefit my ability to hold form for longer which therefore allowed me to hold stride longer and overall run faster. But as I said, I felt!

I would recommend it to others, it can't hurt anyway, it does help your overall posture and overall strength in the mid section.

BeanieBum said...

Hey there R2B :)

Congrats on the mountain run!

Also, many thanks for your comment. Coming back after a not too happy run out there today, it was exactly what I needed to hear -you got it spot on, so thanks! :)

Ewen said...

It's worse when they miscount and make you run an extra lap - 26 laps for me in my first track 10,000. The 3k PB will happen next time. It's good that Kerryn supports these local races.