Friday, April 21, 2006

Please forgive me for it has been one week since i last blogged.
In penance i will keep it short.

I have started my new job,
it is dirty hot hard work (at times)
it also well paid
the guys really cool
the boss friendly
the roster sensational!

I have worked 3 days now i have 3.5 off then 2 on 2 off 3 on then 7 days off paid then 5 days worth of training 7 til 3 (we are going on a road trip on the first day to see a limestone mine) and another 2 days off and the roster pattern continues like this for 10 week cycles!I leave for work and i'm home 12hrs and 20 mins later.

And as for training...i haven't done much but walking lots and lots mostly for work.I am leaving for a bike ride in 10 mins before it gets too cold.

Injury status:Foot gets sore after lots of walking and 12hours in my boots but only in right foot.I will get an xray soon to check if its healing properly and to get more advice re a return to running.I am marshalling again for the club in my favourite race the (in)famous 4 miler tommorrow.

Cheers R2B


Shane said...

That roster sounds great

In regards to training as bad as it sounds it is good to have other people that are in a similar situation. You learn alot from others when you are training I see that it is no different when in recovery mode.

Hope the x ray goes well, look forward to hearing about the rtn to run pgm

happy recovery :)

Tesso said...

The job sounds great - top hours!

As much as I'm enjoying your company on the injury bench I hope you aren't out of action for too much longer.

Ewen said...

Inserts in the boots might help.

Glad the job's going well.

Spark Driver said...

Take it easy on the recovery. There is no hurry.

Black Knight said...

Dov'è il Cavaliere Nero? The Black Knight is here (Il cavaliere nero è qui).
Good look for the x-ray.

robtherunner said...

I am sure you will be forgiven. I hope that foot gets better.

Hilda said...

Good time to have a new job, now that you need to think of many things while you are not running.

Hope you can run soon!!

Lulu said...

Good to hear you are enjoying your new job. It sounds like a great roster.

Hope the foot keeps improving.

Hannah said...

hello! finally catching up on all the blogs! New job sounds great - hope your foot feels better soon!

Lora said...

Good luck with the xray. Remember, ICE is your friend!!

Oh....and, You are forgiven! ;)

olga said...

Thanks for stopping by:)
Glad you're happy with your new job and that foot behaves. Have fun marshalling 4 miler!

2P said...

All is forgiven R2B - that roster sounds great.

Is the mine you are going to visit the one at Marulan?

Spark Driver said...

I was just thinking of a "Forgive me all for I have not blogged" intro to my post. Great minds think alike.

Liv said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog!

Hope your return to running is speedy :)

allrounder said...

sounds like you are happy with the new job...

have you had that check up on your foot yet??

Anonymous said...

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