Tuesday, April 04, 2006

I am going to see about making a physiotherapist appointment today.
Foot feeling ok for two days now but i'm not ready to run yet.I will see what physio has to say.

Last Saturday 27th i had an 8km race i havent updated on yet.At the start put my MP3 player on for the first time in a race i almost was late for my start fiddling with it!
Got into a nice rhythm and maintained it for a tough but satisfying run.The effort required to maintain my pace was much less than last year.

500m lap splits
1 2:06
2 1:52
3 2:09
4 2:11
5 2:07
6 2:05
6 2:16
7 2:20
8 2:07
9 2:24
10 2:19
11 2:05
12 2:11
13 2:13
14 2:12
15 1:53
Course was an out and back with a few hilly dog legs especially 7 9 and 10
Finished in 34:42 (av 4:20/km) and bettering last time on this course.

Shannon Noll's "Lift" was on replay 3 times for the last part of the run and it helped a little.


Black Knight said...

4.20 km is a very good pace. I never put my Ipod during a race but I am thinking to do it. Good luck for your foot.
Salve dal Cavaliere Nero

Sekhmet said...

Sorry to hear about the injury - hope it's all fixed up soon for you

Anonymous said...

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