Saturday, April 15, 2006

Went to stroke correction class improved out of site during class.Scott the instructor said my "old" style was like Michael Klim's so no wonder i got pooped fast!

Yesterday morning after night shift went to the uni pool for aqua jogging....
but its Good Friday "stooooopid" and closed for the long weekend.

This morning went to a different pool which didn't have aqua running equipment so i just practiced my stroke.Though before this i spent 20 minutes on an elyptical (sp?) trainer.I set it to increase difficulty until my heartrate reached 140bpm (approx 70% max)...dang well that took 14 mins to get there so as i pushed along i started to chat to the bloke beside me who as it turns out had hurt his foot too doing the same thing as me!How weird.Small world as we knew people in common and he is a runner also.

I got my early release from work and i start my new job on Tuesday morning!Unusually for me i am quite calm which is strange given my normal need for certainty in these situations.Looking forward to the payrise, 12hr shifts ,new workmates and making a success of it!

Thanks Lulu for the Aqua running program.

Given the swimming guy turns out to be a gun triathlete coach a excursion to the dark side might be on the cards at some point Tesso!

Ps Happy Easter everyone!


Black Knight said...

The training in the pool gets you fit but how boring!!!! I prefer to wait for summer to swim across the open sea with the friends of the Black Knight Army.

Tesso said...

Ha ha, these gun tri coaches are baaaad people :-) Once you go to the dark side you are there for good .... aside from the odd excursion back.

Its great that you have found other ways to keep up the fitness levels.

Good luck with the new job. I've been doing 12 hour shifts for well over 10 years now and find it so much easier to train than when on the old 8 hour ones. Hope they work out as well for you.

Shane said...

Just passing by hope you don't mind :)

I've have been meaning to get to a stroke correction class, an occasional wander over to the dark side could spice things up abit. Sounds like it is worth it.

New job hey, well good luck, hope it goes well along with your recovery.

Spark Driver said...

I'm the opposite to Tesso. Been doing 8 hour shifts for over 15 years and shudder at the thought of being at work for 12 hours.

Good luck.

Ewen said...

Not the dark side!!

I hope the new job's going well R2B.

I think injuries are contagious.

Lulu said...

Good luck with the new job. How's it going so far?

Anonymous said...

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