Saturday, April 08, 2006

Thanks for all your best wishes guys.
I am walking around still but not running my bike serviced and literally dusted the cobwebs off it.I rode down the street but it's way too cold for riding in the evening.

After i showed my physio (a runner himself) my Xrays he suggested that i show them to my doctor.I duly made an appointment but they had to "re-instate" me on their computer system as i hadn't been to see him since April 2000.He was happy to see me (have taken wife and bubs there so i wasn't forgotten).We got down to business after a little polaris challenge chitchat (he came 14th) and he was happy as was physio with the progress already made but he couldn't do anything extra for me.Nor could he offer me anything less vague than maybe 6-8 weeks or maybe 3-4 weeks..."how about you try it out in a few days and if it hurts stop"

Not exactly ground breaking advice i say so will just play it by ear.Probably a good opportunity to do that swimming stroke correction class down at the uni.

So in response to some of my sympathetic commenters...
I will try not to attempt a comeback too early Dave but you never know.

I am on the crosstraining hunt right now Robert

Ewen i will listen to the Doc and Physio but so far they can't tell me much.

Sparkdriver Damian unfortunately I knew where abouts this Metarsal bone was after having a 7kg brick dropped on it years ago!

To Susan and Ellie Thanks i will let it heal and be back healthy asap!

Allrounder Yes i am going stir crazy!

2p and Tesso only time will tell but i'm hoping for short weeks and not months!

Hilda The doc says puting it in a cast wouldn't achieve much and Physio suggested a $200 space man boot...nah no thanks.

Rob Well it does suck but at least i am alive and healthy i wil recover and i'm still a lucky man!!


Black Knight said...

I am sure you will come back on the run soon. Now enjoy the cross-training until the full recover. Good luck!

Hilda said...

I am agree, you are a lucky man for so many reasons specially for being healthy!

So I look forward to read reports about the swimming sessions.

robtherunner said...

Sounds like you are upbeat and positive about your recovery. I dread stress fractures.

Chelle said...

Hang in there. Every twinge I think is going to be a stress fracture... so many people seem to get there - its a wonder they dont put running in the 'dangerous sports' category really :D

Spark Driver said...

You had me grit my teeth when you mentioned a 7kg brick. OUCH!

Lulu said...

Just caught up on your blog.. what a b@#$r.

I found water running really helped keep my running fitness and you can definitely do it with a stressie. I've got a programme if you want one. All you need is a water running belt and some deep water and you're set.

Anonymous said...

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