Monday, December 19, 2005

Ran my mile in 5:38 very happy with the wind against us.(84sec laps)
Was pipped for a place in the last 100metres.
We have a 3k this thursday so i will shoot for sub 12mins,
actually i might try for first 6 laps at 90 secs each and see how i go?
i have done it for 5 laps (2km in 7:30) but has been a long standing goal to run a mile and a half(2.4km) in 9 mins or less.Just never had a 2.4km race b4!If i make that then i will just have to keep going and smash my 3km best over the next 1.5 laps and bring from 12:08 down to 11:15!!

Well heres to goals and breaking them wish me luck!

Cheers R2b


speedygeoff said...

OK. Luck!

I managed a 11:59 last Thursday, only because a rival challenged me in the last lap. (He still passed me). Yes, maybe a faster start is the answer. Even if you "only" run 4:10 or so after a 7:30, it is still well under 12:00.

Clicking on peoples' names should load their blog. Maybe there's a windowing problem: you could try right click and open in new window?

R2B said...

Thanks Geoff
yours seemsto load this way shame about others not though?
Cheers R2B