Saturday, July 11, 2009

Need to lose a few Kg's and get a bit tougher/fitter for C2S!!
Going for sub 60.

Oh i forgot!
We, me and team finished our 100km together in 18hrs 58 mins and came 3rd,not bad for first timers, in the mountains with over 4000m of climbs!


Ewen said...

Congrats on the 3rd place Adrian!

Practise on a 14k course that has hills is my offer - you have heaps of speed, so sub-60 shouldn't be a problem.

Shane said...

Thanks for your support Adrian, and congrats on the 3rd placing. The time your team achieved is similar to what we want to do. Sounds like similiar terrain aswell, I think next weeks event has close to 5000m of climbs.

At this stage I am not coming down for the C2S however like most of my events I usually change my mind. I will make an executive decision prior to the cutoff date.

Good luck with your Sub 60 attempt. I ran 61 mins last year with a pitstop at the top of heartbreak :-), so in saying that given your recent few months I believe you will have no issues achieving that. Good luck!!