Sunday, September 23, 2007

Went to Relay For Life after work last home had dinner then got to track at 8pm

Was only reminded that i was entered in a team as i left work for home.
Decided that i would do an extra long run and cover the half marathon distance (53 laps *400m)

Cold when i got there though it didn't take long to warm up.First 17 laps on my own and then i started to run with Carolyn Dews and we set a nice pace as we conversed,she has completed an Ironman triathlon so i have a lot of respect for that.

Time flew and i decided to change into a spare pair of shoes i had bought and this was just the ticket.Carried on and drank a bottle of water.

Carolyn stopped and i pressed on toward my 53 lap target.Before i had even got there i was thinking of 25km and so upped my target.

Hooked up with my Clubmate Paul De Nobrega and we commenced realing off 1:57-1:58 laps like a metronome.Had the forerunner set to autolap at My starting point and keep track of the number!

Ended up doing 75 laps and going home due to the fact that it was getting late and i had to get up for a 12 hour shift at 5am.

Great atmosphere and a top way to do a long run.
Hope i can run an Ultra next time!

Cheers R2B


2P said...

Nice 30k R2B

Tesso said...

75 laps!!! Fantastic. So that is 30k by my calculations. Well, not mine, the calculator on my PC did it for me :)

PS Dang, I just saw 2P had already worked it out.

Ewen said...

75 laps! And here is me thinking my 30 laps is a little strange.

That's a very interesting plan for the 3000m R2B ;)

trailblazer777 said...

Cool! I ran for an hour at one of those events with one of my mates who did about 12 hours worth...