Monday, February 16, 2009

I am in training for 6 foot track marathon again.I am entered and nearly ready to go.

Edit:Ran 5hrs 27mins for megalong mega (18km out then back of hardest section in 6ft track marathon)

and 5:07 for 1500m on the track last thursday.

Last race of club summer series 5km tonight hoping for sub 19:30 fingers crossed.
Mileage is a bit patchy at times though i think i can complete the marathon.

Edit #2:
As Borat would say "...great success..." Ran 19:13! 9:27 first half with wind 9:46 return against wind.2km warmup and 2km cool down.Hard run.

Cheers Adrian


Shane said...

It has been a long time, good to see yoy are still doing well. Great time for the 5 k aswell. Hope your training continues to move in the right direction and you achieve good results at 6ft.

Ewen said...

19:07 and 5:07! Good on you Adrian. 6' is much easier off the back of some good short races. See you there!

Tesso said...

Hey Adrian! Thanks for the comment on my blog. I've been a bit ... ok ... very slack blogging. I kinda lost interest when I was injured.

I'm back running but not quite as much or as fast as this time last year. The tendon injury seems to get better and then it hurts again. I have to learn to manage it I guess. Still not 100% if I'll line up for Canberra, that's the goal. If I don't its no biggy.

I see you are up for 6ft - cool! Hope all goes well with the training and the race. Can't wait to hear how it all goes.

Catch ya soon.