Tuesday, November 29, 2005

3km at Stuart Park this evening.
New PB of 12:06!!
Could have been about 10 seconds quicker if i didnt stop to chat to Mark on route.
Overtook Wayne on the way to the finish line and never felt like i was going to tank.So thats good especially as i have lowered my handicap pace from 4:15/km to 4:07 in one fell swoop.
I will try to marshal Brewery bash race and do my best for the infamous and tough "Hangover Handicap" on new years day.I remember being seeing Kerryn McCann flash past me running uphill last year and was demoralized!Perhaps this year i will run so fast i wont get to see her!!
(If she is overhandicapped that is!)
I saw her training in the fire trails around Bulli on Sunday and she looks to have pulled up well from the Tokyo marathon and she gave a cheery hello as i ran past which was nice.Looking forward to setting a plan of attack for the next 6 weeks i will let you all know about it.
Cheers R2B


plu said...

Well done a great time.


allrounder said...

top run R2B...with a chat stop and all...keep it going...

R2B said...

Thanks Guys!

nicrunning said...

Hey r2b,
That is great improvement for 3km!. That 20 for 5 isn't far away and I am keen for the challenge! Starting now first to break 20 min for 5km (just remember I took 1:21 off my old PB a week ago).


Anonymous said...

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