Thursday, November 24, 2005

Race 2 sort race series 1500m
once again wasn't sure how fast to go out in my heat(3)
Just tucked in and watched Paul Denobrega take off.
I thought maybe he had gone out too fast but he held on.
I was flying but i was hurting too and wanted to stop but fought the urge.good thing that as i held.With about 110metres to go i kicked and overtook him and Chris Lewellyn who was just ahead of me for another big PB
Time 5:15.4
Pace 3:30!!!

hmmmmm wasn't expecting that!
it bodes well for tuesdays 3km race

Cheers R2B

1 comment:

allrounder said...

3:30 pace...that's awesome...perserverance is a good thing!