Friday, November 25, 2005

Ok I will just blab incoherently now.

Turned up in the morning at allotted time to meet Karl and he was late and his mobile off.He was coming from 12hr nightshift so
perhaps he had changed his mind....then I look up and he has spotted me,
Good ASG (all systems go) its just before start and we have our map and we have to decide our plan of attack, as Karl,Hayden (his friend the footballer) and idea have no idea we decide to head east to Nicholson park Collins park and flat rock at a jogging pace many get their before us which is alarming as we think were locals (humpf) and then up to Waniora pt hitting checkpoints and answering questions along the way.
Do you know how many concrete blocks on the western side of Collins Park?Answer heaps!
So there are heaps of checkpoints and ideally you don't want to back track so our next pt is the antique store on the highway Hayden wants to cut through the creek but we think its better to go the long way than risk getting caught in the creek.
so we steadily head north and clocking up the kilometres well 2 so far.
We have chosen cafes as our theme for extra pts so we need to find all the cafes on this fun part of the Rogaine (others chose from the extreme (Sublime pt,Brokers Nose,Bellambi pt etc) history or kids)
so we move on up the coast going to places the three of us had never been before and chatting along the way.
I don't want to rehash everything but we seemed to be finding all our controls without to much difficulty.
we are now in Austinmer and we head bush near the north of the railway station and the stairs to ascend here are steep but we take it in our stride and power up them to be on the tracks 180 - 200m above sea level its awesome up there and I love it though we haven't stopped much as our competitive juices are flowing and we work well with each other.
we find the reservoirs above Thirroul no dramas and think out loud "why don't we catch a train down south?" master stroke idea and part of the special rules for this event so we run down in the direction of the train station and just just make it.
Our "masterstroke is also matched by many others coming from different directions (last train for 2 hrs)
luckily Karl has money so buying tickets a few minutes rest later we are in Corrimal.
We are having a blast its like a treasure hunt and the Amazing race rolled into one.We have no idea of how many points we have amassed.
Now we head west again and then north picking up checkpoints along our map ( I have furiously highlighted my map as I try to catch up to the others)
Try to ask for hints from others is a hoot because everyone makes a point of misleading others when they can (didn't expect that but soon get the swing of things!)
Did you know the mannequin in the window of southern mines rescue has size 8 boots?Well we are at the drive way and a team leaving the scene tells us not to bother it's a size 6 we almost believe him (nobody has tried to trick us yet) but decide to check anyway..just as well.
I have to go to work in a min again! so I will hurry now
We head in to the escarpment now for our final leg and the terrain is again steep and finding our to control points are like the proverbial needle in a haystack!
We find an overgrown Knoll (what the hell does a that look like when its covered in Jungle???) where the firetrail intersects with the track to Woonona Karl finds it while about twenty or more others cant and graciously lets them in on the secret.He leads our team in the ethics department as i want to keep it a secret!
and we have about an hour befoere we have to be back
going back unfortunately Hayden sprains his Knee but carries on but we decide to call it a day and we head back to the hash house with 40 mins to spare!
To our delight we have the most points for a novice team and win the prizes!!!
All in all an excelllent day!

Own rogaine photo


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