Thursday, November 10, 2005

First run in 8 days
i went to the track and we had a 2mile (3218m) race
i wanted to do 4min pace so i slotted in behind Paul Denobrega who is normally a lot faster than this but after 3 laps he was spot on pace on the fourth we were still together just but i was tiring
on the fifth he ran 6 seconds quicker for the lap and i had to let him go.
It was all downhill from there as they say.100m into the 6th i had a "break" and walked for about 10 seconds (gasping lightly) and 300metres later i did that again and was disgraceful!LOL
any how Paul went on to finish in 12:40 (a little faster than 4 min pace) and i limped home for 13:55 any how after i'd caught my breath Paul and i did a warm down lap and came to the start of the 200m heats.this was the good part i went on to win my heat in 30.30seconds and it was a ding dong battle between me and Peter Liddle and fortunately i prevailed!!!!
Any how that s all for now
except that i'm in the 24hour cancer council relay for life and when that finishes at 10am sunday i will start in my first 6hour rogaine which will be really cool...I'm excited!!
Cheers R2B


allrounder said...

good backing up from your 2miler (even if you did limp home, 4:10 pace isn't too shabby)
to the 200m...

i did my first rogaine earlier this year and it WAS fun...

Chelle said...

Well done.... looks like you have heaps on there!! Keep it up :)