Saturday, March 04, 2006

In the last two weeks i have Orienteered for the first time,and i have Rogained for the second time.
Despite this good stuff including the continuing joy of my baby son and wife, i am feeling a little sorry for myself after not getting the job i interviewed for last week.This is the first time i havn't secured the job i tried to get in over 10 years.
Perhaps that is a little melodramatic as i've had the same job for nearly 10 years now,but i really wanted this one and tried really hard in the interview.The interviewer called me on Thursday while i was out running and when i called him back he said that i'd done really well but i missed out 74 points to 77 for the guy who got it i guess i should fairly pleased after he said he wouldn't bother with interviews if someone else left the department in the next 3 months but that is only small consolation.

Decided City 2 Surf is my main goal race this year tossing up the idea of a marathon in September to Qualify for 6' Track next year. The idea of a road Marathon doesn't really excite me though.

City 2 surf in 60 mins tough but cool!
SMH half in 90 mins quite tough but cool!

Road Mara...not so cool
6' would be more fun.... i have mountain biked it so i know it would be tough but a huge challenge!

Also i have put my 20min 5km goal back a week so it will fall in an official race "The Fitness Five" on the 9th April (5 weeks).I am commencing training tonight using the program in July 2005 Runner's World.

Tonight 6.5km easy (5:29 pace)

Any thoughts?


Cirque said...

Shame about the job :(

Good luck with your running goals.

RunDave said...

You might be able to qualify by doing some other type of race like a 6 or 12 hour rogaine. I'm sure I saw on the website that they would consider performances in other types of events. Maybe email Kevin and find out from him.

Ewen said...

The best (easiest) qualifying event for 6ft is the 'Mount Wilson to Bilpin' bush run... a lot of downhill, only 32k and the qualifying time is 'soft'. Much easier than doing a road marathon.

The sub-60 C2S is an achievable but challenging goal.

Tesso said...

Bad news about the job. Then again, good to know you came so close.

Love the goals. I'll put money on you cracking 60mins for the C2S. I'm hoping to get just a bit closer to that mark this year (did 62:30 last year I think) and I'm nowhere near as zippy as you!

robtherunner said...

I guess you have to be Autralian to know what the 6ft is and it must be popular if you have to qualify for it. Good luck with all that and the 5K goal as well.

Lulu said...

You can also qualify for 6ft by running in the Fitzroy Falls marathon. I think that's Sept or even Oct. That's a trail run too so you might find that a bit more inspiring.

See you at the C2S as I hope to be fit enough to run that one this year.

Spark Driver said...

I like the 6ft goal. It is one of my personal ones too.

RunDave said...

Thanks for the comment. Not sure if I can keep up that standard or length for every entry, it took a few days of thought before I could put it up.