Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Well thats 3 days of running in a row!
A raw occurrence for me. (i meant rare haha!)
The schedule 6.5km easy Sunday
5km easy monday
and today 9.5km comprising of 5 * 610m intervals on undulating circuit at around 3:44 av. pace
and 90 second recoveries and 2*450m hill climbs plus about 4km of warmup (4:45) and cool down (5:30).

This was more than my training plan called for (4*400m at 4min pace)
though i was training with a group so i didn't get to pick!
Besides the plan may be too easy anyhow.... i will post it tomorrow for comment.

All in all things are going well (no time to jinx myself!)

My Boy rolled over on his own for the first time today! We caught it on video and Mummy and Daddy are so proud!

Got another new job interview on Friday also...
Cheers R2B


Tesso said...

How cute - your boy rolling over! Next thing you know you'll be chasing him around the house, then he'll be chasing you around on your runs ... then you'll be chasing him!

Steve said...

Seems like you're on a roll, will it be 4 days on the trot?

If you need to borrow some km's for training, Tesso's got heaps to hand out...lol

Good luck with the interview on Friday and great news about your boy, back-up that video.

Spark Driver said...

Well done on your runs. Hope it didn't leave you too raw.
Good luck with the job interview.