Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Well its been a few days since i last posted so first i will cover my training program so i'm up to date on that as promised.

Mondays Easy 5km
Tuesdays 400m intervals 60sec rest increasing from 4 to 8 reps
Wednesday optional 5km or rest
Thursday 15-25 mins tempo
Friday rest
Saturday 6.5km easy
Sunday long run 6.5km increasing to 11km

This is the actual program but as i am keen (lol!) i have been doing more.
Paces are Supposed to be 5.30 for easy runs
96 second 400m
and 4.22 tempo runs

So Saturday i was supposed to do 6.5km easy but never got round to it until late at night.

On Sunday the program called for 8km easy and i was going to do 10km but ended up doing 14.6km.This was broken into 3 sections.
Out 7.59km in 36.17 (4.46 pace)
Middle 5.03km 26.52 (5.20 pace)
Up hill coming back 2.01km 11.06 (5.32 pace)

Monday 5.1km easy.(4.58 pace)
Tuesday 2km warmup @4.35 pace, intervals 7 * 400m
100/4.09 (with 2 big hills)
106/4.24 (with one big hill)

I was a bit like goldilocks went too fast slowed to proper pace (4.00) then sped up again...at least intervals 3,4 and 5 were at the same pace!
Its hard to run slower than i want so that i can stick to the program.

Then as a bonus i treated my self to 3*450m hill repeats
and 800m cooldown @4.47pace

Tommorow i have an optional 5km and i am going to take my Cocker Spaniel "Basil" out with me.
Thursday 3km at the track...i am undecided how to run this one....either TT or tempo?

Thats it for now!


Lulu said...

R@B, I can highly recommend Easy Tiger if you need a massage. He seems to be doing great things for my poor old legs. 92674081 or 0408 313502 are the numbers to call for an hour of pain :)

Ellie80 said...

Hi r2b - thanks for all your comments on my blog - I have been suffering from a lack of motivation/commitment of late haven't I?? Fortunately I think it is only temporary... I think that Basil is a great name for a cocker spaniel!

2P said...

R2B - what lulu said - I would not have made the start of 6' without Easy Tiger.

Thanks for your comments on my blog leading up to and since my Six Foot quest - they have been much appreciated.


Ewen said...

Why not go out at an 'even split' PB pace for the 3k? It's often easier if you're racing seriously rather than slightly off the pace.

Spark Driver said...

I hope Basil enjoys his run.

Ellie80 said...

Hiya r2b - I would love to come to the SMC run tomorrow (scary though it is!) but unfortunately I have a visitor who is insisting that I go out tonight which means that there is virtually no chance that I will be in a fit state to get out of bed let alone drive or run tomorrow! But next time I for sure! (although I will insist that you don't run with me because i am soo slow!). Good luck! hope it is fun - let me know!