Saturday, March 18, 2006

quick post
wednesday easy 4km with Basil
thursday 3km at track new pb 11.40!
friday rest
saturday finished night shift and went straight for run with friends
aprox. 12km in aprox 1:05 hr
sunday plan to make my mileage add to at least 42.2km.
will edit this later to talk of 3km pb
training going really well i now believe i can run 5km in 20 mins!

Edit:Achieved 46 km mileage woohoo!
close to double my previous highest ...touch wood for injury i am aware of 10% rule and keeping a close eye out as i havent yet been injured in the 2 years i've been running and i don't want to start now.
The easy runs i've been doing are also quiet enjoyable so that helps add mileage easily.

decided on the starting line of 3km race that i would try to run with Witold who was still sore from Canberra half so only planned to run about 12 mins well this is my goal pace so i thought i'd stick with him.

I must be getting fitter because i just spent most of my time tailgating him and trying not to step on his feet as he has a much longer stride then I.

My splits were
400m 92 1.32
800m 94 3.06
1200m 94 4.41
1600m 94 6.15
2000m 95 7.50
2400m 96 9.27
2800m 92 10.59
3000m 40 11.39 Average pace 3.53min/km
finished feeling good but with a little gasping for about 1min due to sprint finish.

This run has given me a strong reference that given the right conditions i can run my 5km goal race in 20mins and i'm stoked to keep training up until it on 2nd April!


Tesso said...

Congrats R2B!!! That's an awesome time for 3k. And good to see you had the strength to bring it home fast. That 20 mins is looking good :-)

Got your message about Runner-Bee's daughter - small world alright! Runner-Bee is doing so well at the moment with her running, and she's looking so trim taut and terrific!

Ewen said...

Fantastic 3000 R2B! You've definitely got a sub-20 5k in you.

Spark Driver said...

That is some good times there well done.

strewth said...

Wow - you're looking good! Fantastic average pace there.

Robert Song said...

You look on track for that sub 20min 5k. And congrats on a record Ks/week as well.

Glad you have read the Hadd article. After April 2nd you may want to try a bit of base building.

As for my marathon goals. In Canberra my aim is too run conservatively. As my target race is Gold Coast in July, I don't want to wipe myself out with a full on run that I need a month to recover from. So I will be looking to do 10-15minutes slower than what I think I am capable of. What do I think I am capable of? I will make my assessment of this the week before. I plan to do a Hadd style test the Sunday before and it will give me the best indicator of my fitness.

As for Gold Coast, I would very much like to get under 3:16. I got this time from a calculator that compares times you have previously done with what the equivalent would be at your current age and 3:16 equals my Marathon PB set in 1985. Barring injury, I think I will be capable of doing that in July but Canberra may change all that.

robtherunner said...

Nice job on the 3K PB and the new mileage high as well.

allrounder said...

wow - i'd love to run 3:53 for 1k, let alone average that for 3k!

way to go!!

strewth said...

In response to your question on my blog, "What are you training for?" I'm training for the Canberra Ultra (50km) on 9 April and this is my first "taper" week! Keep up those great times!