Sunday, March 26, 2006

It's been over a week since i last posted and i'm a little apprehensive.You see the webmaster at my club put the link to my blog on the club website!I came home from afternoon shift friday at about 11pm and went to the website to check the start time for Saturdays 8km race.I nearly fell off my chair when i saw the link near the top of the home page just below the congratulations to Kerryn McCann pictures!
I was so embarrassed that i wrote an email to the webmaster asking him if he would take it off.

I wrote:

Hi B,
I wrote you an email after discovering (almost fell off my chair!) the link to my blog on the website.
I wrote that although i know it is in the www domain and available for anyone who knows where to look i felt embarrassed to share it with people that know me more personally.I feel sharing with an audience of fellow bloggers less threatening and a nice way to express my small triumphs and failures amongst this supportive audience.

I actually wrote a page long email but i must have stuffed up sending it.In it i just explained why i took this position.I know that i could provide some small inspiration for others and maybe even the occasional laugh but im not ready to share to a wider audience at this stage.

To which he replied:
Thanks A - my apologies - I should have asked your permission first - I certainly understand your position. My thoughts were "this is terrific, really inspirational, and certainly the type of thing that so many of our members will get something from - just one member sharing his joys at running, his struggles, his triumphs ..." - I hope one day you will email me to ask to have it put back on ... the first of many KJ Member Blogs ... ... hope to see you at the race today. Regards, B

The link was up for probably only a day and i'm not sure how many people saw it,but the one person who i asked had seen it and thought that i put it on the website!
I am not upset with the webmaster at all because after all it is out there, though like a small town newspaper not everyone wants to read this stuff and being a newer member of a 500+ strong club it unsettles me a little.
I have a i being a little sissy about this whole thing?


Rebecca Wolf said...

Thanks for your comments. I totally know what you mean, writing in a blog can be a personal thing. However, I try to not write anything that I wouldn't want anyone to read. The internet sure is dangerous; you never know who is reading you :-). Keep up the good work!

Tracey said...

I think that you are being totally reasonable. Bloggin is a personal thing and not something that you want for everyone to read (even though it is on the net), it is a private thought that can be shared amoungst strangers, and is great to have them give you encouragement when it is needed.
I too am a private blogger, gee's my partner doesnt even know about it let alone my family. It is something that I do for myself.
Good work!!

Ellie80 said...

nah - not a sissy - that would freak me out too!

Spark Driver said...

I reckon have the link up for your friends to view. I have been reading your blog and there is nothing to be ashamed of there. One of my biggest fears was allowing friends to read mine but I have only had positive responses.

Sekhmet said...

I agree with you - I'd probably die if any of my work mates or even some of my friends and family were to read.... I sometimes post some private stuff which for some reason I am more comfortable to share with "strangers" (who are more like close friends now). I find this blog land a very supportive environment.....

So, I think in your situation I would have done the same!


keppie said...


thanks for checking out my blog and leaving a comment. ( ;

glad to see a fellow runner with such a great training program ... looks great.

i can't say as i blame you re: the link to your blog. that must have been alarming, to say the least.

keep runnin'! ( ;


Stu said...

R2B, its hard, your out there and you would be probably happy for a few Club members to be reading but probably not everyone. I too became slightly embarassed when discovering a few of my Club mates were reading (they discovered via CR). But nowadays one or 2 of them use it as a training tool for themselves, providing encouragement too. But saying that I think I wouldn't want it appearing as a link on my club's site, even though about 10 already read.

Re my test of where I am at, I am competing the Vic Over 35 T&F champs this weekend, 1500 on Sat & 800 on Sun.

Thanks for the visit.


Tesso said...

Not sissy at all!!!!

Like some others who've commented above my family, workmates, and non running friends aren't aware of my blog. And I like it that way :-)

Lulu said...

Well R2B it's your blog and you do it for your enjoyment and satisfaction. If you're not comfortable with it being a more public thing then that's your right I think.

You should feel proud though that they wanted to put it there. Maybe at a later stage you could put it there and write your entries with that in mind.

Have fun!


robtherunner said...

I had the same thing happen when my good friend Olga (runmoretalkless) decided to put the links of our blogs up on the marathon maniacs website. I felt a little bit weird about a group of crazy marathoners reading my stuff since I knew a lot of them and I was a part of the crazy bunch. It is easier to just send it out to strangers. I left it on the website though.

Ewen said...

That's not an easy question to answer. I'm sure some of your clubmates would enjoy reading it. I don't see anything in there that's embarassing. Whatever you're comfortable with I guess.

Steve said...

I know I'm coming in late with this one but I know what you mean. Yes it's public but then it's not. I wouldn't be embarrassed about it, well maybe intially, but I'm sure only positive comments would come your way from your friends.