Friday, March 10, 2006

Well i had Wednesday off so as to not overdo it besides it was in my program to have an optional!

I went to the track on Thursday night and Jimmy Hennessy said he would take my lap splits for me, very kind!

I told him i wasn't going to go flat out only running a tempo at 4:22 pace for 15 minutes well it was a 1/3/5km race so i thought i might stop at 3km but as i got behind Kerry at the start and knew she usually runs about 22mins for 5km i thought she would be a good pacer for me.After about 1 1/2 laps of tailing her i thought i'd better ask if it was ok but she was cool.

I ran right on her tail for 11 1/2 laps for quicker or slower but mostly she was even paced on the final lap i took off for a sprint finish.

Normally after a run like that i would be gasping for a while but i wasn't and felt like it was only a 85-90% effort!

here are my splits for the 5km tempo run
Distance Time Lap
200m 0047 102
600m 002.29 106
1000m 04.15 106
1400m 06.01 106
1800m 07.47 106
2200m 09.33 106
2600m 11.19 106
3000m 13.05 106
3400m 14.54 109
3800m 16.43 109
4200m 18.32 109
4600m 20.24 112
5000m 21.49 86

My Pb for this distance is 21:30 so this was a great training run!
As you can see after 3km if i knew was falling off pace so much i could have picked it up a little with the SIX STEP SHUFFLE and shaved 6 seconds on the 90% sprint finish too.

I will post the full program later as i don't have time tonight.
But i am feeling good!

PS Go The Six Footers!


Tesso said...

Great time for not going 100% Well done!


Luckylegs said...

That's really great timing, R2B & you're not even winded at the finish!

Spark Driver said...

Good stuff there. Glad to see you are making good times.

miners said...

Pretty consistent looking splits there - and fantastic to achieve a time so close to your PB in training like that!

Hope your weekend went well for you

Ewen said...

Great 'training race' R2B. Shows how well even pacing can work.